Welcome To HAMPTON

The date was July 5, 2014, my sister’s wedding, when I stood holding a beautiful bouquet of flowers complimenting my long, royal blue, sheer dress as Maid of Honor, it would be the shoes that stole the floor.

A couple months earlier the Bride granted me the ok to wear any color shoe I fancied. I naturally settled on the color orange keeping in line with her royal blue and orange theme.

The hunt for the perfect pair of hot, orange heels that really spoke my personality and made my dress POP fell just short of unattainable.

My sister was a bit reluctant with my decision to create my own set of heels, but there was plenty of time to give my artistic skills a shot hoping to not settle for one of the few choices in orange heels out there.

I decided to incorporate her wedding colors with a majority of the heel color orange, accented with royal blue Iris’s, sunflowers and really added my personality with VanGogh’s moon on the inside of the heel.

Success was heard while test walking my vision to reality in the Windy City. I couldn’t make it a block without getting stopped with inquiries of where I got them and pausing for some impromptu photos.

It was then, Hampton was born.

The Artist

Meet the artist behind Hampton.

What We Do

With your idea, Hampton will make your dream shoe a reality.