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How do I provide my own shoe and what type of shoe should it be??

If providing your own shoe, it must meet the following material criteria:

1) Satin/Canvas
2) Light in Color

Customer will be responsible for shipping the shoe to HAMPTON.

PO Box 2381
Crystal Lake, IL 60039

What if I want HAMPTON to supply my shoe??

If you are looking for us to provide you with a shoe we will need:

1) Shoe Size
2) Shoe Type (Heel, Flats)
3) Heel Height

We use a second party service that provides customers with free shipping, returns and exchange policy. We’ll seek out our customers desired shoe type and have your size mailed to you to try on, all you have to do is let us know when it fits just right, ship your pair back to our second party service using the shipping label we will provide for you and we’ll order that same shoe to put your creation on.

HAMPTON will add the cost of your shoe to your order, with no additional fee.

How durable are these shoes??

These are highly durable shoes that have been subjected to rain, sun, heat and normal use environments. Like any high quality, one-of-a-kind footwear, with good care and respect, you are sure to enjoy them for many years to come.

Can I wash them? ?

HAMPTON strongly discourages putting your shoes in the washer or dryer. Think of these as your walking, canvas creation. You wouldn’t want any damage done submerged in water and tumbled to a crisp.

You can clean them up a bit with a soft cloth, water and a gentle touch.

When will I receive my shoe? ?

All other shoe orders will be painted and shipped within 4-6 weeks after we receive your desired shoe, except custom shoe orders. You will receive an email confirmation when your order has shipped.

Custom shoe orders require a proofing process. After HAMPTON connects you with one of the artists in our network, you and that artist will collaborate on your idea. You will receive a rough sketch of what your vision will look like. After approval of design, your shoe will be painted and shipped within 4-6 weeks. You will receive an email confirmation when your order has shipped.

Will HAMPTON use my custom shoe design in the future??

HAMPTON gets to see a ton of amazing art pass through our doors. We are consistently inspired by our customers and artists. HAMPTON reserves the right to use your design in future sales. If your shoe art is selected, you will be contacted.